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Bestselling author returns with a new novel that proves she is the master of the legal thriller.

Is one of the most recognized names in the thriller genre. Her latest offering, Conflict of Interest, is a masterpiece of suspense -- a complex and profound novel featuring a veteran female district attorney attempting to reconstruct her shattered personal life when she is suddenly plunged into a moral, legal, and emotional nightmare.

While trying three defendants for robbery, discovers a far more serious crime may be unfolding. One of the defendants is developmentally disabled. His attorney and mother insist he was cruelly exploited by his crime partners.
When the young man disappears, fears he may have been murdered in a ruthless act to silence him. Her sympathies for this defendant lead her to entangle herself with his attractive attorney and compromise her career so the truth may be revealed.
Filled with extensively researched detail, breathtaking plot twists, and front-page legal drama, Conflict of Interest provides irrefutable evidence that, one of the pioneers of the legal-thriller genre, is still writing at the top of her game. Meanwhile, if you are considering getting into the graduate school and you want to take a prep course, you should see the Magoosh GRE prep review.

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